Viking Flags

The Viking trend has been a popular motif for Home Decor in recent seasons. Its ability to invoke strength, bravery, and adventure is what makes the theme so versatile. As with any popular trend, there are variations that come and go. The most recent of these was the Viking flag trend that started to fade away as we entered summer and finally left our stores once winter arrived again.

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Why Was the Viking Flag Trend Popular this year?

The Viking Flag trend was popular for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Vikings are one of the most intriguing cultures in history. The Vikings are also believed to have been the first Europeans to explore and settle in America. This is particularly relevant as we edge closer to Home Decor trends related to the concept of ‘American as Home’.

Vikings were also known for their skill in weaving and creating beautiful designs out of wool. This historical connection to textiles makes the Viking Flag a truly unique design choice. The high contrast of the geometric pattern combined with the bold dragon and serpent illustrations made this an exciting design. The trend also came at a time when we were moving towards more natural materials like linen and bohemian-inspired cottons. This helped the bold geometric pattern stand out as a unique choice.

What was the Viking Flag Trend?

A Viking flag is a tapestry typically depicting an image of a dragon or serpent wrapped around an image of a sun. In fact, the first Viking flags found were discovered wrapped around the poles of Viking ships. The trend took this idea and applied it to home decor through a range of products featuring a similar design, including blankets, throws, cushions, table runners and bed sets.

The trend was not only popular because of the design, but also because it brought a sense of adventure and escapism to the home. Vikings are known for their bold and adventurous nature. This trend brings a Viking-inspired design to your home, making it an ideal choice if you’re looking to add some exciting elements to your space. Viking flags are a great choice for bringing a bold, statement-making design to your living room, bedroom or any other space in your home.

Where Can I Find Items From the Viking Flag Trend?

The Viking Flag trend was most present in Home Decor but you may also find it in fashion. In Home Decor, you can find Viking Flag designs at stores like Pottery Barn, West Elm, CB2, Wayfair, Kirklands, and Amazon. The trend has now faded so you may struggle to find items from this trend at most of the retailers that featured it.

However, it is worth keeping an eye out for sales and markdowns as you may find some Viking Flag items reduced. Pottery Barn – Pottery Barn has been a favorite with trend followers for many seasons.

They are known for their chic and classic aesthetic, as well as an impressive range of products for every room in the house. Their Viking Flag collection features a bold woven tapestry and a woven throw blanket. CB2 – This retailer has been gaining popularity in recent years thanks to the bold and exciting designs featured in their stores and online. CB2 has a wide selection of products featuring the Viking Flag trend. In particular, they have a beautiful woven blanket and a woven throw pillow.

Which Brands Featured This Trend?

– Pottery Barn – Pottery Barn featured an impressive selection of Viking Flag products including blankets, bedding, and throws. They even featured a magical Viking Flag table runner that transforms from black and white to color when you pour water on it. – CB2 – CB2 is another popular brand that featured Viking Flag products.

In particular, they have a stunning woven blanket and woven throw pillow. – Wayfair – This online retailer has a wide selection of products featuring the Viking Flag trend. In particular, they have beautiful woven blankets and throws.

What To Expect In Home Decor Moving Forward

As the Viking Flag trend starts to fade away, we are starting to see another trend emerge. This trend is called ‘American as Home’, and it celebrates the history of home in America. – This trend is particularly focused on textiles. Red, white, and blue are expected to be big themes as we move into the fall and winter seasons. – Fabric designs such as chevron and bandanna prints are expected to be very popular.

You can also expect to see many products featuring stars and stripes and other familiar American symbols. – Materials are expected to include natural fabrics like linen and cottons, with a focus on bold and bright colors. Natural materials are becoming increasingly popular as we become more conscious about the materials we bring into our homes.


The Viking Flag trend was a bold and exciting example of how design can be used to evoke a sense of adventure and escapism in our homes. This trend is expected to be replaced by the ‘American as Home’ trend that focuses on bringing the history of home into your space through textiles and materials.

Whether you loved the Viking Flag trend or are looking to bring it back into your home, keep an eye out for these trends moving forward.


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