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Who is dallas cowboys quarterback in 2021: Our Top 5 Candidates

Who is dallas cowboys quarterback in 2021: Our Top 5 Candidates

Who is Dallas Cowboys quarterback in 2021? You may not know much about football, or the Dallas Cowboys for that matter, but you should. It’s one of the most popular sports in America. Football fans are loyal to their teams and love rooting them on. The quarterback is the one person who makes the team go, and it’s the most important position on the field. The quarterback needs to be able to lead his team down field with his arm, all while staying calm under pressure, or hear “we want Romo!” from the stands. Here are some things you should know about Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks so you can sound like an expert this season!

What Makes a Great Quarterback?

You can see the quick fix, or long fix, in who you like as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. There are plenty of good quarterbacks that you could choose from for the Cowboys, like Tony Romo, Matt Cassel, Kellen Moore, or even Dak Prescott. They all have strengths and weaknesses, and all would do the job well if the Cowboys needed their services. You can also see what you don’t like about each one, which is what you’ll have to learn as you read on.

Who is dallas cowboys quarterback in 2021: Our Top 5 Candidates
Who is dallas cowboys quarterback in 2021: Our Top 5 Candidates

Of the four quarterbacks we mentioned, Romo is the one you really can’t go wrong with. He has the leadership ability to get a team ready to play, and is the quarterback the team is going to follow. He has been with the team since the 2006 season, and they have a winning record during that span of time.

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Who is Dallas Cowboys quarterback: Our Top 5 Candidates

Tony Romo (32)

Romo has been the Cowboys starting quarterback since 2003, but he’s coming off back-to-back injuries.

Playing for the Cowboys and playing well are two completely different things. In the past, Romo has been the player who puts his team on his back and carries them to the promised land. He started his career at the age of 24, and has been a part of one of the most impressive turnarounds ever. In his first three years, Romo threw for at least 3,000 yards, 40 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions. Those are stats that most NFL quarterbacks will never achieve. In 2008, Romo played through a back injury, and helped the Cowboys to an NFC East championship.

This is what makes Romo so special. He is the first quarterback in NFL history to start 200 or more games in a row.

Draft History of the Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have not had a great quarterback history. They drafted Troy Aikman in the first round back in 1989. He became the starter for the team, and led the team to 4 straight Super Bowls. After he retired, they went through many quarterbacks before they picked up the most recent franchise quarterback, Tony Romo.

Romo Was the Cowboys’ starting quarterback for 14 years. He played extremely well, and became a well known quarterback. He was named a starter for the Pro Bowl three times, and was even named the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year in 2007. He led the team to the playoffs seven times in his 14 years as the starter, but they lost every single time. He was also the Cowboys’ all time leader in completions and passing yards.

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Ranking our QBs for this season

The Dallas Cowboys have had some pretty amazing quarterbacks come through the program. For instance, they drafted a quarterback with the No. 4 pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, one of the best college quarterbacks ever and then two years later, traded him to the Denver Broncos for the No. 4 pick and two other players. They then drafted another quarterback No. 3 in 2005, but he didn’t pan out, and was then traded for another quarterback in 2006.

For those of you out there who don’t watch football, a quarterback’s job is to call the plays, make the right reads, throw the ball to the open man and make the right plays to get the team into the end zone.

They have to also get into a routine and become comfortable with their teammates.


Who is the current Dallas Cowboys quarterback, above all, very important. Every game, you could hear the crowd screaming, “We want Romo!” It’s up to you, the Cowboys fan, to pick the right guy. Who should be your starting quarterback? Vote in our poll and let us know!


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