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The Miami Dolphins Fight Song

The Miami Dolphins Fight Song: An Awesome Tribute to America’s Team

The Miami Dolphins fight song is a song written by Johnny Pearson, adopted by the Miami Dolphins organization in 1972. It was played from the stadium speakers after every Miami Dolphins score until 1994, when it was replaced by “Rock and Roll Part 2” by Gary Glitter.

It’s been used as a rallying cry for the team since its adoption in 1972. In recent years, The Uptown Horns have often played the song after Miami Dolphins touchdowns. The song has been called an unofficial anthem of the city of Miami, and is one of many pieces of music that represent the city’s culture and history. Here are some fun facts about this beloved tradition!

Miami has the Dolphins
The Greatest Football Team
We take the ball from goal to goal
Like no one’s ever seen
We’re in the air, we’re on the ground
We’re always in control
And when you say Miami
You’re talking Super Bowl

‘Cause we’re the…

Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins Number One.
Yes, we’re the…
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins Number One.

The Miami Dolphins Fight Song

The first line of the song is “Miami’s got, the home team! They’re the Miami Dolphins, the South Florida Dolphins.” The song is played after every Dolphins score.

The Miami Dolphins Phrasebook

The second verse of the song goes, “Behind every success, like a hurricane, rain has always followed the star! From the last Miami Dolphins at the last hole.” The phrase “like a hurricane” has long been associated with Miami Dolphins and their football team.

Rythm of a Miami Dolphin

The Miami Dolphins Fight Song
The Miami Dolphins Fight Song

The third verse is the best one. The third verse describes the Dolphins as a team that always does its best to win. The Dolphins have a nickname that goes “the Riddlin’ Dolphins.” The word “riddlin’” is slang for “funny.

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Fun Facts about the Miami Dolphins Fight Song

The Miami Dolphins (and their color orange) were chosen by a woman named JoAnne Anton, who was trying to name a team after her favorite college. She sent a questionnaire to 36 major universities with teams in college football to find out which team’s nickname was most appealing. “Buccaneers” was the overwhelming pick. JoAnne Anton was a high school mathematics teacher. She died in August 2013. She has been posthumously awarded an Order of the Dolphin, which is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual in the Dolphin organization.

When Johnny Pearson (a famous auto race writer, himself) heard Miami Dolphins owner Joe Robbie was thinking about getting a nickname for the team, he wrote a brief note in a letter about the team.


The Miami Dolphins Fight Song
The Miami Dolphins Fight Song

The Miami Dolphins bring a lot of fun to South Florida, and I’m glad I can share some information about this incredible team with my readers. This is the last article for Sports History Month, so make sure to check back on March 1st for more articles about other teams and sports! If you would like to read more Miami Dolphins articles, you can find those here:

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If you have any questions or would like any further information about the Miami Dolphins or Miami, Florida, you can send me a message at @3dprintfullshop or shoot me an email at Thanks for reading!

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