Pittsburgh Steelers leather jacket

This jacket pairs wonderfully with jeans and a hat for a casual look or even with a pair of dress pants and a tie for a more professional look. The Pittsburgh Steelers leather jacket is one of the most versatile jackets out there, making it worth every dollar you spend on it. If comfort and style are your top priorities, this jacket must be added to your collection.

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This Pittsburgh Steelers leather jacket is warm, comfortable, stylish and chic. The polyester used to create this jacket is lightweight and designed to keep you both warm and comfy while you zip up the front of this puffer style jacket.

In 1933, the Pittsburgh Pirates were the dominant NFL franchise in Western Pennsylvania. However, a dispute between team owner Art Rooney and Bert Bell led to Bell’s forming a new franchise in Philadelphia. The result was a struggle for fans and players alike that ultimately reached the courts. In June 1934, a district judge ruled that “the Steelers” had exclusive rights to half of the split team from then on. After five years of legal battles between the two franchises before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, an agreement was finally reached on March 13, 1941 where by both teams were allowed to continue to play in Pittsburgh Steelers but could play only home games in Philadelphia until further notice.

What to wear with the Pittsburgh Steelers Leather Jacket

Wear with: Anything made of denim such as jeans or chinos, leggings, or shorts, or even boots. The leather is light enough to be worn without socks, though some may find this to be awkward, as boots are a must when wearing leathers.

Accessories such as a Stetson hat, watch, and silver jewelry help to further protect the jacket from any unwanted scratches. Not much else to say here, denim and boots are the main options.

In a perfect world, this is the only jacket you’ll ever need and you’ll never want to take it off. This jacket however, is not such a perfect world. With a price tag of just under $600, you may want to consider another jacket that will last you for more years to come.

How to wear Mens Pittsburgh Steelers Leather Jackets

Looking for ways to incorporate the Pittsburgh Steelers leather jacket into your style routine? Here are some tried and true ways to take your Pittsburgh Steelers leather jacket to the next level:

Chinos + Jacket: This style combo can work with both dress pants and khakis. Simply keep a light or medium weight jacket, depending on the weather.

What you will need: A lightweight jacket and a pair of light or medium colored chinos.

Casual Outfit: This is another Pittsburgh Steelers leather jacket option that is perfect for a warm weather weekend getaway. Mix in a summer dress shirt or lightweight collared shirt to a pair of light or medium colored jeans.

What you will need: A leather jacket and a pair of jeans, either a skinny or wide cut pair.

Facts about the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Leather Jacket

The Pittsburgh Steelers leather jacket is actually a tribute to the Pittsburgh Steelers football team, made in the same manufacturer’s factory that produces their player jerseys.

The team decided to make a jacket with the Steelers logo instead of the Pittsburgh Pirates logo, the team they actually play against.

This jacket became a modern trend among football fans during the 70’s, starting in Pittsburgh.

This fashion piece became very popular within the fashion set in New York, being bought by top designers and actresses. In fact, many top New York Fashion Week shows debuted with these jackets.

Also known as a Quarterback Leather Jacket or Leather Superman Jacket, this piece is characterized by a golden-yellow-colored fleece lined interior, lined with leather (usually tan colored).

Style Tips for wearing your Pittsburgh Steelers Leather Jackets

This Pittsburgh Steelers leather jacket can be worn with a variety of clothing and looks great with anything from jeans to business suits and even with a dress shirt. Unlike a motorcycle leather jacket, the Pittsburgh Steelers leather jacket can be worn by all kinds of people and makes a perfect statement piece when combined with a standard shirt and tie. It’s a great coat that adds personality to any outfit, and it’s a great fit for any guy.

If you want to add a touch of color to your outfit, wear it with a dark pair of jeans. If you’d prefer to go with more neutral tones, wear it with a white dress shirt or a dark red dress shirt. For your casual look, wear it with a pair of blue jeans and a pair of white shoes.

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