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Whether you’re looking to add a little more flair to your daily look or you’re just ready to get back to basics, you won’t be able to find a better selection of Native American clothing and marketing goods anywhere else. While it’s still common for non-native Americans to feel uncomfortable in their own skins, more and more people are becoming aware of the rich history, rich culture, and beautiful artistry of the Native American people. From the head-to-toe Native American clothing choices available online to the brands that sell Native American clothing and accessories, there’s something for everyone. Get to know more about the rich history, original designs, and modern customer experiences that go into the making of every single item of Native American clothing and apparel.

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Who are the Native Americans?

The Native Americans are a group of indigenous peoples who historically inhabited North America. The term “Native American” is most often used to describe indigenous peoples of the United States, but it is also used to describe peoples of the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries who identify themselves as Native American. The term is also used in many non-English-speaking countries. While there are many different sub-groups within the Native American population, they have a lot in common. All Native Americans are defined by their location, as well as by their cultural, religious and linguistic identities. For example, many Native Texans identify as Catholic or Southern Baptist, while some members of the same sub-group may identify as Muslim.
The history of the Native American is a long and rich one. Many see the pre-colonial history of the Native American as a homestate of stability, with few changes. However, the fur trade, European colonization, and social and political changes brought on by the Industrial Revolution all had a significant and lasting effect on the Native American population. These forces of change can be seen in the traditional clothing and crafts of today’s Native American populations, as well as in the art and architecture of reservations.

Where did Native American clothing originate?

The origins of Native American clothing are similar to those of European clothing: the clothing of the people. The clans and tribes who occupied North America during prehistoric times doled out clothing based on the weather, season, and the particular needs of the individual.
Some Native clothing customs, such as the wearing of beaded Scythian-style clothing in the winter months, are still practiced today. Clothing is a reflection of the culture that made it. Some traditional Native American clothing items, such as the moccassin, were discarded by many Native American communities in favor of European-style clothing. Other items, such as the bead and leather vest, are still worn today by some Native American populations.

How has Native American clothing evolved over time?

Clothing has evolved alongside the Native American population. Initially, many Native American men wore Western clothing. While different tribes began wearing Western clothing, European style clothing was definitely the most popular choice among the American public in the 19th century. The popularity of European clothing, along with a general lack of familiarity with Native American clothing, led to a decrease in the number of Native American children wearing traditional clothing.
In the early 20th century, many indigenous people in the United States became interested in the history, culture and aesthetics of Native American clothing. These people, often referred to as “Native revivalists,” sought to restore traditional clothing and crafts, while also acknowledging and appropriating contemporary styles. This period saw an increase in the number of Native American youth who became interested in traditional clothing as Native Hoodies, Native Tank Top, Native T-Shirt

How can we get moreNative American clothing and merchandise in the stores?

More and more people are realizing the rich history, rich culture, and beautiful artistry of the Native American people. More and more people are also taking the plunge and trying Native American clothing for the first time. Sales of Native American clothing and accessories are growing at a steady pace, but could still use a boost. As your local Native American clothing store, we’re here to help. Here are a few ways we can get more Native American clothing for your closet and store:
Offer a variety of brand options for customers to choose from. Many Native American clothing stores are family-run, so offer a wide range of brand options for parents looking to shop for their kids’ clothes.
Have regular event and sale specials, such as free shipping on $75 or more orders and free returns for orders under $75.
Make regular in-store appearances, such as during Native American celebrations and events.

Where can we buy Native American clothing and merchandise?

Many Native American clothing and accessory brands are only available at Native American clothing stores. If you’re looking for a more general collection of Native American clothing, we recommend shopping at specialty stores like Native American Implements, Native American Gifts and Native American Art. You can also check out department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s.
For more unique Native American gifts and clothing options, shop at The Standard, a full-service Native American gift shop. You can fine more product as Native Crocs, Native  Legging, Native Leather Bag, Native Poster, Native Tumbler

What is the future of Native American clothing and merchandise?

With more and more people becoming aware of the rich history, rich culture, and beautiful artistry of the Native American people, there is a growing demand for Native American clothing and accessories. As more people are discovering Native American clothing and accessories, we can expect more demand and more supply. Indian reservations, with their individual histories and distinct cultures, have become the perfect place to test out new clothing and accessories.
If you’re looking for unique, fashionable and relatable Native American accessories, head to The Standard, where we have an extensive collection of moccasins, belts, hair accessories and more. You’ll also find a wide range of other accessories, arts and crafts, such as baskets and pendants, available for purchase.