Cincinnati Reds Hawaiian shirt

The Cincinnati Reds have a longstanding rivalry with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and now fans can show their support for their beloved rag-tag team in the form of shirts that are perfect for watching baseball. These authentic team shirts feature a classic design but are made from polyester so they’re comfortable to wear for the entire game. They also have plenty of sizes to suit every fan, so you don’t need to worry about finding a shirt that fits. Check out how to get the perfect look for your game in these Cincinnati Reds Hawaiian Shirt.

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Cincinnati Reds Hawaiian shirt: Wear it with a fitted pant

The ideal pant for your Hawaiian shirt is a cropped pair of jeggings. They should fit close to your body but still allow you to move freely. Jeggings that fall below the knee are also ideal for the job. Jeggings with a good amount of stretch and a high waistband should work well, as should polyester pants with drawstring cuffs. Jeggings with a slightly more relaxed fit are good for a more casual look.

Cincinnati Reds Hawaiian shirt: Wear it with a sports coat

For a more formal look, wear your shirt with a tailored sports coat. The collar should be modest, the cuffs should be neat, and the pocketing should be well-done. Laptop sleeves are also a no-no, as they typically belong on suits and should be worn sparingly.

Cincinnati Reds Hawaiian shirt: Wash your shirt by hand

When it comes to washing your shirt, there are three main stages: roll, twist and hang. For the first two, you should use a medium-to-heavy duty laundry detergent. It should be able to handle both the wash and dry cycle on its own, without any additional additives. For the third, or hanging, stage, you should use your favorite laundry procedure, though we recommend hand-washing your shirt due to its delicate nature. After washing, blot the shirt dry with a towel. Don’t iron your shirt… at least not too much!


The perfect look for an MLB Cincinnati Reds Hawaiian shirt is one that showcases the team in all its splendor, but is still classy and professional. A team’s Hawaiian shirt can help you achieve this look, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind to get that perfect look. Make sure the fabric is soft and breathable, wear it with a fitted pant, wear it with a sports coat, wash your shirt by hand and tie it back with a bandanna or a scarf. If you do all these things, you’ll have the perfect look for an MLB Cincinnati Reds Hawaiian shirt!