Carolina Panthers leather jacket

Find here a classy, comfortable and an affordable jacket from the house of This Carolina Panthers leather jacket is a class apart from other jackets. The quality of the material and stitching is excellent. It is durable, comfortable and most importantly it is stylish. So, for all those who want to look their best while cheering on their favorite team, this jacket will prove to be the right choice. It available in different sizes so that every fan can find its perfect fit.

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Detail Carolina Panthers Leather Jacket

The Carolina Panthers, often referred to as the “Panthers” or “Cats”, are a professional American football team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Panthers compete in the National Football League (NFL), as a member club of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) South division. Founded in 1993, the Panthers played their first season in 1995 and became one of the NFL’s more successful expansion teams, compiling two playoff appearances and three seasons with double-digit victories.

What is a Carolina Panthers leather jacket?

A Panthers leather jacket is something you will need to buy when you are an avid sports fan who wants to keep yourself and your teammates warm in the chilly November and December evenings. It is like an extra jacket that you can wear during winter when you have to go out during the game and thus enhance your game skills. The quality of the material is of top notch and it is made from 100% real leather with padded collar and hood. This is an excellent piece of clothing that you can easily invest in if you are a sports fan.

Features of a Carolina Panthers leather jacket: This leather jacket has a collar that is padded and can be adjusted by using thumb tacks. The hood is well padded and can be adjusted by the user if it becomes hot.

Types of Carolina Panthers leather jackets

Carolina Panthers classic leather jacket

The classic leather jacket is a must have for any fan who wants to look elegant. It has classic styling and heavy metal pinstripes with Carolina Panthers colors. It has a classic, vintage look. It is the most classic and the most comfortable jacket which you can get.

Carolina Panthers leather jacket with broken rib cuff

This jacket is the next level classic leather jacket. It is very similar to the previous one in terms of looks. It is made with heavy rivets and the classic gunmetal metal color. It has a broken rib sleeve and detachable chest patch. In this model, it is mainly suitable for those who want to impress their friends and family.

Types of wear for a Carolina Panthers leather jacket

These jacket will be the best option for every Panther fan. You can choose to wear it for casual, formal events, and even for a concert or even at a party. Either way, it will make you look dapper and edgy.

Casual wear

This is the easiest way to put on a Carolina Panthers leather jacket. It is comfortable and easy to wear. All you need is to pair it up with casual pants and shirt. And of course, a cap and sneakers is the way to go for this attire. You can even opt for a short pair of denim jeans to upgrade this casual look.

Formal wear

Like any other formal attire, the Carolina Panthers leather jacket is also made with comfortable, practical and stylish material. The best thing about this formal wear is that it is comfortable to wear and looks stunning with a formal outfit.

Choosing the right size of the jacket

Panthers Jackets have a very wide range of size. So, we will suggest you to get it from the same brand. The Panthers jackets are not just a fashion statement but they also support the local Carolina Panthers organization. As the jackets are made by the team itself, it helps in raising funds for the team and its charitable activities.

Looking for a Carolina Panthers leather jacket in a women’s size?

The women’s Panthers jackets are available in women’s sizes. We are suggesting you to take the size medium. Because Panthers have a very unique style, most women prefer to get it in the same size. This makes it convenient for all women.

Why to get this particular jacket

This Carolina Panthers leather jacket is made from high quality cowhide leather.

Where to buy this Mens Carolina Panthers leather jackets

The Carolina Panthers leather jackets is available for sale on the official website of It is also available on 3dprintfull store. It is a unique jacket which matches the fashion of this season. Most people go for jackets that are brown or black. But this Carolina Panthers leather jacket goes well with the jerseys, as well. It looks classy and classy as well.

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What makes this jacket different?

All the other leather jackets look the same but there is a different value added to the leather jacket of this season. This jacket is made of genuine leather. It is also lightweight, affordable and durable.


In the said article, we have presented you with the best Carolina Panthers leather jacket that is available in different styles, colors and prices. These are the best quality jacket that you can buy for the price that you can afford. So, if you have been looking for the perfect leather jacket for your next Panthers game, we have just the answer for you. So, just go ahead and check out these models from our catalog and make a buy from there.

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