Butterfly Legging Tank Tops

Their wingspan can be as long as your wrist and as narrow as your waist. And that’s where the popularity of the butterfly leggings and tank tops can be attributed. From prom dresses to social outings, women of all sorts of sizes, shapes, and weights seem to be falling in love with this simple but heartwarming garment. It makes a great layering piece while being easy-to-wear on top of anything. Here are some of the best glamorous butterfly legging & tank tops for women:

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The Best Egyptian print butterfly tank top

The first and most obvious thing you’ll notice about the Egyptian print butterfly tank top is how it looks on all kinds of skin. From sheer layers by Dayla, to Cabal and beyond, The Best Egyptian print tank top lineup has it all.

From the vibrant reds, monochromes, and blues of Cabal, through to the sky-pinkes, light and golds of Dayla and the deep blues of Cabal’s crew, The Best Egyptian print tank top is an impressive array of colors. If you like to wear a formal look, the black and white antiquing can go with it just as well.

Pomegranate print butterfly legging

It’s no secret that men love to be in front of the camera—and especially in front of lights. So when it comes to choosing a legging/tank top combination, you’re probably wondering whether or not you should go with the colorful version.

The Pomegranate print leggings are definitely one of the most popular ones right now, thanks to campaigns like the season 19 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ and the the fall/winter 2016/2017 seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’. These are a must, as they’re fun, comfortable, and show off a ton of skin.

The best coral, burgundy, pink, purple and blue patchwork butterflies tank top

This one’s for the casual wear freaks out of all kinds. The patchwork color scheme of the coral, burgundy, and blue patchwork butterflies tank top is so pretty and arcane that it becomes almost invisible on the skin. So if you need a tank top that’s super bright, vibrant, and gorgeous, this is it. And the best part is, the tank top can be taken with you on the go, since it has a handy shoulder strap. This is definitely a must-have for winter and spring.

The best monochromatic patterned butterfly tank top

If you’re looking for a tank top that’s super adorable in a monochromatic way, then the butterfly tank top is for you. The patterned tank tops aren’t your regular paycheck, work tank tops, or streetwear tank tops—they’re luxury brands that definitely need more wear and tear, but are nonetheless great for their intended purpose.

Choose from designers like Alexander McQueen, Jonathan Brandes, and Christian Dior, who have a wide range of adorable monochromatic designs for their tanks.


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