Cincinnati Bengals sweatpants

Sweatpants are a wardrobe staple, but what if they could help you live healthier? That’s the idea behind these new Bengals sweatpants. The Cincinnati Bengals sweatpants are designed with a built-in cooling system that features two cooling pads that circulate cold water to keep the wearer cool. These sweatpants are perfect for lunchtime runs around the office or after-work errands at the grocery store.

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How these Cincinnati Bengals Sweatpants are built to keep you cool

The sleepwear feature two fabric cups, with another air pocket to ensure they stay up and don’t sag. The cotton fabrics of the pants will wick away moisture and pull sweat out of the skin. The Cooling System of the pants helps keep the body temperature down and allows the sweat to escape through vents in the back of the pants. The two mesh cooling pads have an exterior layer of foil to help keep the fluid in. The outside of the pads have a unique temperature controller that has the ability to automatically adjust the temperature of the pads for the best fit.

Stretchable Sensor On the Pants Gives a Visual Warning If You’re Overdoing It

Each pair of Cincinnati Bengals sweatpants features four integrated wireless sensor pads to monitor the wearer’s progress.

The benefits of wearing these Cincinnati Bengals Sweatpants

Cool and dry, your body will thank you for wearing these sweatpants. A combination of cooling gel and durable heat-absorbing fabric keep the body warm when it is too hot and prevent excessive perspiration. That’s especially important for people who workout outside on a hot, humid day.

Like all sweatpants, these sweatpants are supposed to be comfortable and easy to wear. The sweatpants feature elastic sides that zip up the back to give you extra privacy.

Unlike typical sweatpants, these sweatpants are breathable and offer 3-D ventilation. The pockets are large enough for storing a water bottle or small purse. And the waistband is adjustable to fit most sizes.

These sweatpants come in 13 different colors and patterns, including the classic Bengals-inspired checkered pattern.

Why you should want a pair of these pants

Many of these Cincinnati Bengals Sweatpants feature moisture-wicking technology, which means that they wick sweat away from the body, leaving a dry, cool feeling. The pads also offer an adjustable fit, which means you can find the perfect level of cool for you.

When you buy a pair of these sweatpants, they’ll have magnets sewn onto the waistband, so that you can easily get them into your car. That’s something everyone needs, right?

How the Cincinnati Bengals sweatpants are different from any other sweatpants on the market

These Bengals sweatpants feature three layers of built-in, automatic cooling technology. The first layer has two cooling pads, which use air compression technology to circulate cool air, keeping the wearer comfortable.